A little bit about me

I love fabrics!

As a child I used to knit with my mother, aunties and grannies; I remember "sewing" with my grandmother, sitting on her laps at the sewing machine - the very one in this picture!
So many sweet memories... My Granny Sewing machine

Then studies and work got the best of me for quite a while..... until my son arrived and I became "Mamma Ale"!!! - Ale being the short for Alessandra, not an English beer!!!
That is why some of my products were initially labelled "Mamma Ale Handmade Creations" or "I lavori di Mamma Ale". 

After a while devoted only to my family, I managed to find again a little time for myself, for my passion for crafting and love of fabrics.

I love their colours, textures, playability and the infinite creativity options that they offer.  They have all the colours of the rainbow .... and the sky is the limit to what they can be used for.  I make quilts, cushions, throws, table covers, table runners, placemats, bibs, bags, embroidered T-shirts, scarfs, book covers and bookmarks, phone covers and table covers, key-rings and luggage tags, table decorations and coasters, wall-hanging decorations and lavender sachets, tea-towels and bath-towels ... OK!   You got the picture ...

You can see a selection of my works past and present on Instagram and Facebook.

My creations are available on my website, in my Showroom in Putney, West London and, occasionally, at Craft Markets and Private Sale Events.  

All items are limited edition or unique: they all have something different, even if just a thread, a ribbon or a button! And what's more, many can be personalised and all can be bespoke: just drop me a line and we'll take it from there.

I am passionate about making lovely little things that make people feel special and pampered.
My favourite techniques are patchworking, machine embroidery and quilting; each one of my items is created with love and attention to details, starting from the selection of materials, colours and design down to the final details and the way it is presented: yes, that too is part of making things special!
I am focused on delivering high-quality products and customer satisfaction and  I will do everything I can to meet your expectations. Look around my website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for stopping by!