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I Love Fabrics!

As a child, I fondly remember spending time knitting and embroidering alongside my mother, aunties, and grannies. One particularly cherished memory involves "sewing" with my grandmother, nestled on her lap as she worked her magic on the sewing machine, the very same sewing machine featured in this photo, that holds a special place in my heart.

Granny Sewing Machine

However, as life led me down the path of studies and work, my crafting endeavors took a backseat for a significant period. It wasn't until the arrival of my son that I embraced the role of "Mamma Ale" – Ale being the affectionate nickname derived from my full name, Alessandra, and not a reference to English beer, I assure you!
Hence, why some of my creations were originally labeled as "Mamma Ale Handmade Creations" or "I Lavori di Mamma Ale".

 Although I devoted myself to my family for a while, this newfound chapter reignited my passion for crafting and appreciation for fabrics, with their vibrant colors, varied textures, and endless creative possibilities.

Quilting on machine

From quilts to cushions, table covers to bibs, and everything in between – each item I create reflects my love for the craft and meticulous attention to detail. 

But my biggest love of all are patchwork quilts.

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