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Flower Brooch - Handwoven Uzbek Fabrics - small

Flower Brooch - Handwoven Uzbek Fabrics - small

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Flower brooch pin corsage

This one of a kind handmade colourful flower pin brooch is made of beautiful traditional hand dyed, handwoven Uzbek silk/cotton ikat. Ai has combined various textiles of different colours and patterns to make this brooch unique and elegant. The amazing design with its vibrant colours is a great statement to your outfit. You can be sure that this will bring you inspiration and a smile for you and others. Lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Neckless with brooch pendant  This brooch can easily be combined with a fabric necklace do make an even more unique item. Necklace available in three sizes: long, medium and short.

The flower pin: approximately 8cm/3" across.
1 5/8" (4cm) bar pin securely stitched to flower back for attachment.

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